Leaving Cairo

After the longest hotel lobby wait I have ever experienced we finally boarded our shuttle to the airport. I lost my temper towards the end of our trip. It's not necessarily something I'm proud of. I was hungry, and exhausted, and upset.  Our driver arrived 10 minutes late and talking on the phone. He momentarily … Continue reading Leaving Cairo


Day 8: Pyramids and pizza

We met our wonderful driver, Monsour at 9am sharp to go to the pyramids. The pyramids sit right on one border of Cairo with shops and houses going almost right up to the border of the pyramid complex. Beyond this is a large swath of desert. It costs 80 pounds to get into the pyramid … Continue reading Day 8: Pyramids and pizza

Days 4 and 5: dancing in cairo and visiting the pharoahs

Day 4 was a relatively quiet day after day three. Our antibiotics were effective and although we were weak and whiney we attempted part of a workshop with Randa. She is such a high energy and spirited dancer. I could barely keep up with her for an hour before Melissa and I were wiped out.  … Continue reading Days 4 and 5: dancing in cairo and visiting the pharoahs