Day 10: Shoes and coffee in Amsterdam 

Our trip to Amsterdam was just the restorative happiness I needed after the end of our Cairo trip. We arrived at 8am, and weren’t scheduled to leave until 3pm so instead of camping in the airport we decided to sieze the day.

We finally had wifi again and took a few minutes to update friends and family and like pictures on instagram and Facebook (so important, we know 🙂 ).

The amsterdam airport is bustling with kindess. Our bags were checked all the way to canada, so we found a locked and paid to store our carryon baggage. Able to move about more easily we purchased train fare and took the short ride to Amsterdam Centraal. After Cairo, the stark contrast of Amsterdam was welcoming. We were relieved to move freely about the city on foot, and wandered around the shops and took in the sights.

We tucked into Luna Cafe for Dutch sandwiches and coffee, and then decided shoe shopping was in order.

There are a ton of shoe stores in the downtown area so we thought we’d check out a couple then return to the one with the best deal. The original mission was to find tennis shoes for Melissa because we expect to do a little hiking in Canada during dance camp. She found an adorable pair and then I spotted my “unicorn” European style shoes. They were brown rounded toe, low heeled pumps with a top strap. Perfect for all my vintage clothes and work. Solid leather, made in the Netherlands, and were on sale from 69 euro to 25 euro. Done! Look how cute they are!

Satisfied with our shoe shopping we stopped in a few gift shops to purchase Holland themed gifts before walking back through the city to take the train back to the airport. You can leave without a wooden clog Keychain and some stroompwaffles, afterall.

I loved Amsterdam, however brief my visit. I can’t wait to come back and see more of its beautiful architecture, and a city that celebrates the bicycle is definitely a city for me. Next time I will definitely rent one. Even better is I have a friend in the area to show me around, he just was just unavailable for this particular last minute trip. I feel my return to this beautiful city will definitely happen.


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